How to Change Ringtone on iPhone Latest 2023


In today’s digital age, personalizing our smartphones is a way to stand out and add a touch of individuality. One of the simplest yet effective ways to personalize your iPhone is by changing the ringtone. There are many people who still have questions: How to Change Ringtone on iPhone?

If you’re an iPhone user looking to give your device a unique sound, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of changing your ringtone, allowing you to customize your iPhone experience.

Accessing the Settings Menu

To begin, locate and tap the “Settings” app on your iPhone’s home screen. The app is represented by a gray gear icon and can usually be found on the first page of your device’s home screen. Once you’ve entered the Settings menu, scroll down until you see the “Sounds & Haptics” option. This is where you can modify various sound-related settings on your iPhone, including the ringtone.

Changing the Default Ringtone

Within the “Sounds & Haptics” menu, you’ll find several options to customize your iPhone’s audio settings. To change the default ringtone, tap on the “Ringtone” option. A list of pre-installed ringtones will appear, showcasing a variety of sounds to choose from. Simply scroll through the list and tap on the ringtone you want to set as your default. A checkmark will appear next to your selection, indicating that it is now the active ringtone.

Customizing Ringtones

If you prefer to use a custom ringtone rather than the pre-installed options, the iPhone offers multiple ways to achieve this. One method involves using the iTunes Store app. Launch the app and search for the desired song or sound clip you wish to use as your ringtone. Once you’ve found it, tap on the price button to purchase the song. Note that not all songs are available for ringtone purchases. After purchasing, open the “Settings” app and navigate to “Sounds & Haptics” > “Ringtone” as explained earlier. Scroll to the top of the ringtone list, where you’ll find a section labeled “Ringtones.” Your purchased song should appear there. Tap on it to set it as your ringtone.

Alternatively, you can create custom ringtones using the GarageBand app. Launch the app and select “Audio Recorder” or “Music” Record a new sound or import an existing audio file, then edit it to your preference. Once satisfied, tap on the share icon and select “Ringtone.” Name your ringtone and tap “Export.” This will save the ringtone to your iPhone’s settings.

If you find creating your own ringtones annoying and boring, you can visit a website to Free ringtones download. With many cool and latest ringtones, you can download and set as ringtone for your Iphone right now!

How to Change Ringtone on iPhone – Assigning Ringtones to Specific Contacts

For a more personalized experience, you can assign specific ringtones to individual contacts on your iPhone. Open the “Contacts” app and select the desired contact you wish to assign a unique ringtone to. Tap on “Edit” in the top-right corner, then scroll down and tap on “Ringtone” Choose the preferred ringtone from the list or select “Default” to use the general ringtone. Once selected, tap “Done” to save the changes. Now, when that particular contact calls you, your iPhone will play the assigned ringtone, helping you identify the caller without checking your screen.


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Changing your iPhone’s ringtone is a quick and simple way to add a personal touch to your device. Whether you opt for one of the pre-installed ringtones or create a custom sound, the process is straightforward. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily change your ringtone and even assign unique tones to specific contacts. Enhanceyour iPhone experience by customizing your device’s sound settings and enjoy a personalized ringtone that reflects your style and preferences. Happy customizing!

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